To my Enchanting Love

By Mithilesh Dronavalli

A Collection of Unfinished Poetry To My Enchanting LOVE

To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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The Love Series:


Romantic Love: That special person who you would conquer the universe for. The lady love I would wait forever for togetherness.


The one whose wants you put above your own always. The one who brings magic into your life The one with who time stands still when together


The lady that resides in your heart throughout your life The love that gives you a strength of a thousand elephants The causer of happiness


The one you want to do fun things with and forever hold in your arms. The only one who could ever reside your heart. The one who you admire


The one whose sweetness is like the perfume of an eternal rose The magic never fades with that person The one who inspires you at every stage


The one you want to do fun things with and forever hold in your arms. The only one who could ever reside your heart. The one who you admire


The one whose sweetness is like the perfume of an eternal rose The magic never fades with that person The one who inspires you at every stage


The lantern when all else is dark and when Evil surrounds you The breath of fresh air that makes life worthwhile


The reason I was born is to love you more and more each second. To challenge each other to grow to compete with each other lovingly having Fun


Romance: For the flower of romance to blossom you need a lot of love, plenty of magic and the desire to impress and enough time.....


Love at first sight is absolutely real and can last forever. I can vouch for that. Love based on intelligence and admiration is also truly Real


By Mithilesh Dronavalli


Mana Prema


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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When willYou bewithme


Oh myLove


Oh wont you kiss me


Oh my dove


Oh Dance with me


Oh my darling


Love is in the air




Love's Flood


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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My love overflows for you


As Planets nor stars


Or countries crumble


Before my love for you


As the music plays


The magic begins


Ishwarudu Prema Maathrame


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Thera naam per Allah Hu


Thera Naam is Dhuniya Dhu


Hamaara pyaar sabki Subh


Mera Yaadhoon ki


Pyar Paramaathma hothi




Love Provides All


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Prema ki dhairyam kaavali


Manasulu kalipe prema ku


Simha Dhairyam kaavali




Prema ki chattam, samaajam


Kutumbham, paddhathi


Yedhi akarledhu gani


Puli Dhairyam Kaavali




Prema dhanam dhaanyam


Adhrustam udhyogam inka


Prathi manchi sangathi


Prema karunithudhi gani


Prema ki yuddha dhairyam kaavali




Neetho kalava taaniki


Naa manasu parimalinchithe


Naa aathma dhairyam upongindhi




Mana rakshana bhadram kshemam


Aanadham swetcha antha


Naa prema dheevisthundhi




Maangalyam Santhuna Mena


Thava jatha prema jeevanam


Pasoonam Pathim


Subha Maangalyam




Naa Priyasi Nirantharanga


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Cheekati lo mallepuvva


Suvaasanamu rupena


Addankulu yedhurukundhaama


Nenu preminche seethakokachilaka




Dhairyamu avasaramu


Mundhu ki yeldhaamu


Grihastha jeevanamu


Athi paramaanandhamu




Mana prema ruzuvu


Kosam kaligindhi ee tapasu


Kala kaalam  ee parikshanu


Mana prema balamu


Kailaasam minchanu




Naa prema dhevi vi nuvvu gaa


Naathone raava rojaa puvaa


Ninu kaapaadutha gundelona


Aanandhamu Prema Ninduga


Priyudu Mithilesh Raayutamugaa


Naa hrudhayamulo jeevinchunaa


Naatho kalisi ra niratharangaa


Fountain of Love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Devotion to God


Is nothing before


Loving partner


& chosen family




Need for God &goodness


dissipates before the




War Bekconks


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Fighting the enemy inthe evil ofthe night


Caring not what anyone thinks


Rebelling against social norms


Imagining Independence




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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The world ahead is so exciting


As you are with me hand in hand


With Love's joy and fun kids


No barriers to our achievement




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As the tides currents and floods plague my heart


My will stands strong


My soul fights on to be with you


My soulmate of an era gone by.




Neither turning tides nor painful obstacles


Will keep my heart from calling your name


Through time and space I fight


For oneness with your soul




My heart keeps fighting evil


In the hope of our togetherness


Where you are ever safe in my embrace




I care for no God or goodness


As my heart calls your name


For love I fight the thousand wars


For love I breathe and exist


For none can separate you from me




Oh be with me my eternal love


Safely together our family


Will be cared for by my eternal love


For you.....




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Australia is a beautiful place


Equality for family


Safety& togetherness is easy


Career opportunities are abundant


$$are plenty


And the Heart Pangs


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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With hope the new year comes


Hearts slowly growing stronger


Unwavering in strength


Precise in aim,




Love starts to dawn


Attracting and charming


Roses bloom when


You are not looking




Rumors spread that


Union is nearing


And the heart pangs




You check your horoscope


To herald the lucky date


But lucky dates come and go


And the heart pangs




You overhear telephone conversations


By family members and names pop up


Your astro says family is hiding secrets


You await the unmentionable


And the heart pangs




When will my heart stop panging


When will my heart meet your heart


As a companion for life and forevermore


Waiting more and more


And the heart pangs..


Christmas Prayer for Eternal Togetherness


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Through the turbulence and resistance from evil


Our love will find a way to bring us together


For now and forevermore


The pain in my heart reminds me of you


And only you can heal this pain.




On this special Christmas day I pray


That love brings you near


And keeps you with me forever.....


Love's journey of togetherness


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Love is the gravity of souls.


Love without togetherness,


Is pain and distance hurts.




Togetherness is the highest priority


Between those in love


Togetherness should happen


Regardless if lovers are ready or not,


As love heals all wounds and,


It is the glue of partnerly relationship




Love transcends beyond career,


Beyond assets and interests,


Beyond aspirations and wants.




Love does not neglect these ideas,


But fosters them while facilitating


Togetherness and family…..




Love may demand sacrifice,


But treats partners equally


Equality among husband and wife


Are the hallmarks of a loving relationship






In love one sacrifices for the happiness


Of the other and life is dedicated to partner


The romance that arises creates eternal oneness


A bond that does not degrade with time


Only growing stronger second by second


Even yuga by yuga as love is eternal




We have to foster this love every day


With heartfelt care and respect


Wanting the best for your partner


Caring for the sweet children that arise




No one can take that away from you.


Not God nor devil, for love has that power.


Trust in my love and pray for our togetherness


Join my hand on this eternal journey of enchantment and romance…..




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Its been so many years


Our love is ever strong


No blame on either of us


Awaiting togetherness


Flexible as always


Love Eternal


Prema Gnyaapakam Nirantharam


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Birthdays approach, happen and fade.


All instances of time come and go.


Some moments are dearer to one's heart,


Playing within our soul repeatedly.




These memories do not fade.


As time moves forward instead of dissolving,


They create more and more love for you my beloved.




Feeling those memories creates an urgency


To be together with you my love forevermore.


To play together as children once again.




Feeling these memories creates a yearning


A yearning to see into my beloved's eyes.


To hold her near and comfort her dearly.




Our love from these moments


Makes trust grow and keeps us together.




Our love from these memories


Writes our future of togetherness


Adds the happiness of children


And enthralling memories to our beautiful lives.




Because from ever romantic moment we share


We recommit to loving each other


Our commitment writes our destiny




My first memory as I saw you,


for the first time, as but a sill child


Is enough for me to commit my love


To you eternally,


Come what adversity might appear.




Remembering my moments with you


Is enough to sustain my fight for us


To be together forever with our children.




You are safe with me as my love creates safety


You will be together with me as my love unites


You will be free to be who you are


As my love guarantees your spontaneity




My love arises and remains eternally


Purely from the enchanting memories we shared.




The past never changes.


Our moments will stay in my memory


My love can only grow from here.




Join me on this journey of togetherness,


Love, enchantment and family.....


Aao Na Mera Paas


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Tho meri paas thi


Aur Kithna Haseen


Yeh Pyari Dhuniya


ChotiChoti Kushi


Maang thi Ek


Nayaa Prem Kahaani


Dhuniya hamaara hi....


Oh to be home in My India.....


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Hopelessly lost at sea


No idea on how toget home


My motherland is calling


I need divine intervention


Or the power of Mybeloved




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Togetherness in emotions


Togetherness in thoughts


Togetherness in words


Togetherness in actions


Togetherness in proximity




Kalyaana Praayam


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Kavitha tharavaatha praayam


Prema bandham penche praayam


Thegithe neppi bharichaleni prayam


KudhiritheKalyaanamKalige Prayam






To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Hopelessness settles in


Where external factors


Control your life & love


Loving you unconditionally


But having no power to change

All I can do is pray and love you more


Prayer to My Family and All Souls


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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My  Chosen Family and other Families should be:


Safe, Remember Each Other, Have True Communication with each other. - SRTc


Safe Together Alive Themselves Joyous - STATJ


Promote Love


Promote family formation


Promote Goodness

All souls should be safe themselves good and joyous


Change those  who do not respect women or contravene Pasoonam Pathim -(passion only with committed romantic partner) into those who are committed to Pasoonam Pathim and who do respect women.




By Mithilesh Dronavalli


My Love and My Heart's Family


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Deception is rife in the universe around us.


We are forced to act in ways opposite to our beliefs


Knowing what matters to you in your heart most


Hoping and praying for that, with all your will


There is nothing more in this universe.




For me what matters most is my love,


My children and my chosen family.


I pray for our safety in every way,


Remembering us and our memories


Ever hoping to hear my family's true communication




I hope you and my chosen family


Are with me always feeling my love


Death cannot touch my love or my family


For the soul is eternal and I hope we live eternally




I hope you my love and my chosen family


Always have the independence and strength


To control your own destiny


And that we can be who we want to be always


Let no evil force or otherwise influence you


To act against your independence




Lastly I hope in our love and for our chosen family


Joy prevails in every thought feeling and action


Our eternal happiness sprouting from our true love


And our interactions with our wonderful chosen family




In this sense I pray that our family is always together and well.


Be with me always my infinitely eternal love


And miracles will happen every day


Our world and the universe will be a better place for our love.


Oh My India


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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MeGhar Kab Aaogi


Yedesh me alag hogiya


Mera pyaari Bhaaarath bulaathi


Bhaarath me sapna sacha hotha


Prem zindhagi shuru hotha


Hum Thum


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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You are always with me


When I think of you


I speak toyou


When myheart


overflows with love


It is for you


Love above space/time


Mera Pyaar


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Magic happens when in love


Mysteries of the universe coincide


My life has meaning when I love you


More than career/country....


Oh India Oh my Love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Oh Meri India


Nee pilupulu aagaleka


Ne adhbuthaalu chuudalekha


Nee vindhu vaasana


Naa Bhaaratha Dhesam


Naa theepi gnyapakaalu


I am an Indian


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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People fought for our country's independence


People lay down their lives to defend our India


Indian people feel at home India


My India


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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To walk in India is to feel blessed


To serve the country thatis myheart


Is that path I intended for my life


Since I wasa Child


Love Pain


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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In love painexists


Butour heart grows strong


Her presence her words


They heal enormously&give strength


Topray for togetherness


Tough Love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Waiting for togetherness


Asking for the one


You fell in love with


As they were than


Making unlikely the certain.


Love is hard.


Vision and Strength


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Difficult to see clarity


When visions of the future are clouded


Yet strong and crystal clear


Is my ambition to be with you....


Onward Bound


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Waiting by the river,


For the boat to come


And take me to the other side


Eager to see what lies ahead


Releasing old bonds,hope


Momentous Love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Special Love stays silent, unrecognised


Slowly creating togetherness


One moment suddenly atomic explosion


The Beloved appears


Oh Be With Me Always


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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My heart is full of love beyond conception


Overflowing to every corner of the universe


Beyond the here and now and even eternity




My love shall rise through all adversity


No evil force can match the flow of my love.




Stars sneak a peak into my heart


To perceive the beauty that is you




Oh my love from yonder past


From my childhood days of merriment




Be with me now, Be with me always


Play with me like we did as children




Show to me that the magic of togetherness


Is greater than the magic of pining,


Yearning to be with you always


My heart pangs leaping out from my chest,


To be in your sweet embrace.




I know love prevails always and


All obstacles in the way are pulverised


So you can be with me happy in love.




For that is the force of love


That I have been carrying with me


All my life and for all the time to come.






Be with me always my love.


Never leave my side.




My heart is calling you every so sweetly


Singing the sweet melodies


Of a thousand lives before




Oh be with me always love.


Love Wins


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Overcoming discord is

Where music started

Love slowly traverses

All Obstacles in the way

To forever togetherness



For Family Togetherness


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As each day passes by


I wonder when my love will


Be with me once again.


And my children playing


In the house I built with my love




The more I wait for


My dreams to materialise


The more my heart pains me.




Fed up am I of running to gods


Or even the all mighty God.


I don’t have the strength


Nor faith to keep doing good,


In the hope my family will


Be returned to me.




Why is this Universe so Evil


That lovers are separated


A universe that punishes children.




Theory tells me that evil


Acts to cause pain and torture


Good people that are full of love.




To fight Evil only goodness exists


Yet alas patients is a virtue


I am yet to have.




The wise say: Be kind, work hard, Help people,


Don’t cause suffering or be evil


Pray to the God of Love and


Remember your love and your children.




Desire of family togetherness


An unfaltering desire that grows as


The sun rise and the moon sets


Growing in the furnace of a broken heart


Will lead to oneness with family.




But as the waves of time


Wear away the heart of the soul.


One doubts one’s ideals and theories


One gets confused and desperate.




God cares for all and God will do


What he can when God has strength.


For this I must increase my deservingness


As that is all I can do in this Universe.


For my family


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Bhaaratheeyudu is here


He is fighting for his family


Sacred is his cause


God gives him energy


Oh wont you join me


In love&war


Heartache for my love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As the time goes by


As you are forced


To go far from me




My heart still loves you


I still yearn your affection


Day after day passes and


I know one day we will unite.




For as I grow older


With the years and seasons


My love for you only grows stronger




I know death nor events in life


I know nor relatives or friends


Can ever tear us apart




My heart and your heart


My soul and your soul


My mind and your mind


Are tied together


By the rope of my love


By the purity of my tears




On this occasion and every second


We exist in this universe


Beyond existence itself


Know that I love you more and more




From our relationship


I learn what true love means


From our experiences


I know the adversity we must fight


To be together




For all the heavens open up


When we are together


When you share your smile with me




I hold on to every last hope


That one day we will be together


For togetherness in soul


We have already achieved.




I love you always as my wife,




Only You


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Only if you are with me


Only then will I be happy


Only when my love is fulfilled


Only then can I move forward


Onlyfor myfamily


My family is my love.


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Love is my only source of joy


Love for you my partner


Love for my wonderful kids


Love for my chosen family


My family is myLove




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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I realise I am loosing my way


In these endless wants&conditions


In my heart I want to be with u


I want to care for u




Be With Me in Oz


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Please be with me


My fairy dove of afar.


Be near to me


So I can hold you


And show you wonder


Ourfamily will flourish


Ingood Oz


Togetherness of family


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Are you ready for an adventure?


Where time stands still!


Where hand in hand


We walk together


With our family safe&Together


Lovers Union


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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When love is in the air


Nothing can hold you from me


When I feel our magic


Nothing can stop me


As ILoveYou more


Youll BeWithMe


Missing you so


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Missing the wonder that is your presence


Missing the joy of your company


Missing the magic in the air around you


Missing you!


Loving Togetherness


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As life goes on as it inevitably does.


We realise that family is important.


Among family truly my partner,


Who is the one I love, my other half;


My partner and kids are the reason


I wake up every morning


To endlessly fight my demons


For it is they that give me hope




And a reason to continue,


This bleak existence in the hope


That one day I will exist with


My beloved family who


Hopefully spend their


existence forever and ever with me




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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You so lost in misery


I pray to save you


And return happiness to you


With you in my arms


As my beloved


Do not loose hope


God the saviour


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Believe in the power of good in he Universe For this is God

God will protect you

And give whats good for you

Pray to God=Love


God can wave his hand


All out troubles will disappear


One shall we be


For now and an eternity


I grow weary of war


God Only can


Niranthar Pyaar


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Me liktha hamaara pyaar


Kaal Ruktha  Be Hai


Thune Yaadh kiya


Mere Yaadh hamaara


Dhusro Zindhagi ek karliya


Mere mohobathien??


When time stands stills!!!


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Some impressions shape existence


Rarely do incidents connect two people


Believe in the eternal inseparable love


that follows!


Prayer to Shree Maha Lakshmi


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Sowbhagya Dhaameshwari 


Shree Ranga Dhaameshwari,


Maha Lakshmi namaha


Pavithra Padhmavathi Namaha


Naraayani Namosthuthe...


Not a mirage


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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You and our family


Is all the life I need


Beyond career &studies


Our magical love exists


Like an oasis in the Sahara




Marriage Promises


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Mangalyam Santhuna Mena


Thava Jatha Niranthara Prema Jeevanam




Subha Maangalyam


Kutumbha Kshema Samaikya Subham


My forever love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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You are so beautiful


In mind body and soul


You know how to


Make me happy, thrilled


& Fascinated in life


Our love will guide us


To be together


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Sometimes I don't know


when wewill be together


I know wewere made


To loveone another


The connection between


usGrows stronger


Our world


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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When there is a need


The universe will show a way


Learn to sow the seeds


Of love and compassion every day


Remember your love!


Our world (2)


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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When there is a need


The universe will show a way


Learn to sow the seeds


Of love and compassion every day


Remember your love!


Happy Day


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Happiness is the call of the day


When your partner loves you


And your children are happy


When your career is on track




Happy Valentine's Day my love 2015


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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A heart needs its beloved.


A heart lives in hope,


To be together with its beloved


To travel a journey eternal


Playing together, having fun


And growing deeper in love.




This heart chooses its existence


No thought nor soul nor universe


Can Alter the heart’s desire


To be on with its beloved




The children born to such a partnership


Are blessed beyond any status or wealth


For they are born in a loving family


Of care and trust and love and togetherness


They are safe and always happy for


When a heart is with its beloved


It can conquer all evil


With the force of love which


Shatters the universe time and time again.




Believe in this love sweet one


And choose to be with my heart.


For I can ask nothing of you


But your presence on this


Eternal journey of love.




I will live wherever you want me to live


We will get married however you want.


I will follow any rules and work 24 hours


Just to Provide for you and make you happy.




I will not rest until I am with you.


I will not rest until you and our children


are safe together and happy forever…


Happy Valentine’s Day My Eternal Love


From the one who loves you as his wife, Mithilesh




My Homeland India


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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My home calls me


My India was made for me


No other land compares for me


My land of happiness beckons me


My holy land awaits me




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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India where spirituality blossoms


Now where culture is commonplace


Dreams meet the surreal


I love my India!


Always in my heart


Forever for my family


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Searching for the meaning of life.


I wade through the desirable,


 the lovely, the charitable


My ignorance caused me strife.




In chaos I remembered my love


The one I promised my life to


I realised it was for her do


I live my life, for my love




Then along came my children


Like stars they fell in my hands


I live to keep them safe, their strands


tied to my heart, keeping me kindred.




For now I live for my family


To keep them safe and happy


And my love story always sappy


I live to love and care for my family.


Our love stops time


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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In this enormous universe


I know time will stand still


As my love overflows for you.




On this special day,


I remember our magical moments


For they keep me happy


In the hope that someday


We will be together everyday.




As I dream of you, nothing


Is more important than


Our togetherness and our love.




I will rest not till I am with thee


As my heart is your temple


Burning the sacred flame


Of my love for thee




Happy Birthday and every day


In your life will be magical


As your every footstep


Is on my outstretched palms...




Our Eternal Spiritual Family.....


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As the tides go in and out As flowers bud, flower and dwindle What will remain constant Is our chosen spiritual family Eternal


Safe, Together and Happy our Spiritual Family


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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I will keep you safe


Like a rain drop on a rose


Be with me always


And happiness shall flow


Caring for our chosen family @)---


Oh my love!!!


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Every day I dream about you

Hoping to be near to you

I cry in the heart

Thinking of you

I know my relation with you

Is of eternal love

I fight the darkness to see you

I rest nor day nor night yearning for you

The reason I exist is you

The reason I believe is you


You are my breath, my soul

You are my wish, my hope

No God comes before you

No darkness can touch us...




To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Lets learn to live


By living to love and learn


Every amazement will be ours


Enthralled shall our minds be


We will cherish love


Jai Bharathi


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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To make this desam sasya syamala


For my India to be ideal for families


To serve the country whose freedom


Was so hard won for!


Be by my side...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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When you see darkness


Beyond the night


When hearts show nearness


But they are torn from sight


A torture happens to the heart


That is unbearable from start


Till end only made better


By each other's presence


I ask from this letter


That you be mine in essence


Once and for all


Forever and ever my love


Don't fly away like the dove


Prayer for my family


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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May my family always be together

May each find true love & care for each other


May my family always be safe happy& comfortable


Every day I love you


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Every moment remembering you


Every moment with our kids


Is in every way totally beautiful @)--


My dear tears


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Love can be sweet


Or bitter or sour


But the certainty is


I can only live


By loving you.


Our memories!!!


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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One sweet day,


God will unite us,


but my heart is already yours




One sweet day


We will look back


On the past as but a comedy


But my heart still yearns for thee




Since the age of 8.


Since I first saw you


You captured my heart


It will not listen to commonsense


But only yearns for your love




The twinkle in your eyes


The smile on your mouth


When you were but 4!!!


Is the source of happiness


For me forever...


Love in happiness and pain


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As I wonder when we will be together


I fear I will loose hope in love altogether


Yet my heart fights the hurt


Only that one day you may blurt


The divine love you have for me.




I am slowly forgetting our happy times


And only the painful times


Are returning to me




If only we could be together in presence


Then you could truly taste my love's essence




One day we will be each other's


And none will separate us


Yes, for we love each other


Our love will have no dusk.




For you my love...


Meri pyari ladki


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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A poem-song for you:


Maharani hai aise wale

Mere dhil hai bahuth dhiwane

Hai Bhagwan, kya aise ladki heina


One day I will sing it for you mere pyari...


Love goes on


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As time goes by


Things around me change


People come and go


The seasons move on




But I still love you


With all my heart


And all my soul




The darkness of our love


Yet still continues


But I face all the adversity


Only to love you more




Till one day we are one


In heart, body and soul


Forever to never part.


Once upon a time in the land of love.


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Once upon a time


I saw a fairy girl


She was so sublime




A love at first sight


'twas marriage at first gaze


She came and went


Into my life like the day and night




Till once I resolved to love her


As a part of my heart


With love that can shatter


The soul's true art




Alas she was under a spell


To hate me so


Till I was unwell


Yet I love her so


My enchanting angel.




For 'twas God testing me


For nothing comes easy


In life and love we must


Endure the pain


Even till we turn to dust


Before sweet love we gain...




Kabhi Pyar Karo


Keep on loving...


Our Perfection


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Perfect shall our love story be


From commencement to eternity


Like the stars in the sky shall we shine


So jealous will be God


Compromise to contentment


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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To love from the depths of ones heart


Requires true compromise


Love is the difficult path


But yields unworldly contentment:)


To be together in holy India


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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This day when freedom dawned


On the holy land of India


I ask thee to share my life with


For we will be together


In holy India


You and I...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As the wonders of the universe were created.


You were a star created for this child.


Our enchantment extends from creation.


Made to be one,


We fell in love at first sight


and at every sight.




My home is in your heart


As you reside in my heart


Our hearts are yet but one




Nearness or farness


They are the same


For I know you love me


For you know I love you




I can live without your presence


As our love is more than enough


And your memories enchant me so...




Your love makes me happy


When you are in distant lands


As your soul resides in my heart


Always eternally yours my shining star...


Kila Kila chinukulu


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Kalalalo kaneeti chukka


Kiranaalu loo kundhana kanthi


Kasturi tilakamu didhina kanya kumari


Kalise merise kamaneeya khadgam


Kila kila Kailasa sikara nivasi


Kaarya Shrushti kaaryeshu rani


Kaani naa vennela svarupini


Kaaka na madhilo rani.




Monsoon love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Floating on the clouds


I see your shimmering image


Like the lightening bolt


Following rains of love


And the passions of thunder




For as the monsoon starts


Love overflows from the heart


Of this poor lost boy.


Awaiting your embrace,




I like you


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Like a diamond in the sky


You twinkle in my heart




Like an enchanting fairy princess


You steal my love struck heart




Like a spiraling snowflake


Your design is mysterious




Like a bright sunny day


You bring happiness to me


My everlasting love...


Infinite suffering to our enemies


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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For you I would do anything


For you I'd fight any war,


For you to be you


For you to be free




For you none can oppose me.


For you only torture remains


For those who dare to oppose


For they shall experience  suffering


Beyond their imagination


For daring to oppose us.




For this the force of destruction


Is in our control for we are good


And hence preservation protects us.






A poem for my sweetheart!!!


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Love in darkness


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Naa santhosha saama vedha svarupini


Naa kavvinche kshethriya yuddha kavitha Kaiki




Nive naa kalyaana koyila vaa


Na krishnaa nadhi kanya kumaari




Na kaala kamaneeya hrudhaya kundhanam.


Nivenaa kavitha kaanthi chandhana gandhame




Gandharva Raja kumari


Raakshasha yuva Raani


Maanava Saarvabhowmini




Naa Naarayani manthra svarupini


Naa Siva sekthi sandhya svarupini


Naa Vedha Vaidhya maanasa vilaasini




Nanu vadhalaku vara naatya Sanmohini


Naa vaadhana ni ve kadhaa


Naa vedhana nee vinodha thathvana




Naa saama vedha maanasa vaidhya kanthi


Adhbutha karuna hrudhayanjali.


Naa samsaara sulabhaam sulochana sreemathi.






To love to be with your love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Many are the reasons I love you


That I can but wonder how


Truly spectacular our love is.




For we were meant to be one


My truly marvelous and lovely one.




There is never a better time


Then now to show my love sublime




In the hope that you will be


One with my heart


Which so cries for thee




For just one reason


Why my love is true


Is another reason


Why we must be one and true.


Sonnet to Proxima


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As I am lost wading, through the darkness


My heart guides the way


As the lantern of my heart, I confess


Is your love, wondrous, here to stay...




For I live through this suffering,


In the hope of being united with you


My divine, enchanting and true love being.


So near are you to me that I could kiss you




When in physicality you are far far from me


The distance dissolves with love's tear


But the painful pang  in my heart is for thee


Clenching at my heart, it never does anyone fear




Oh serene and sweet is our love,


 like the sacred heart beat of the dove...


To separate only for togetherness...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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I'm sure I shall see you again


Only to be with you again




Yet we shall be together


In mind and soul


And remember the days


When magically we were together




The true time will come


When we lovers shall become




Trysted to never part


Even if 'twas Bonaparte


Or any other evil


Trying to split us apart




Even then in yonder time


We shall be together


From then and forever more




You and I will be one


As milk and honey


Are inseparably one


when blended as one




By enchanting twists


Of love and passion's mists


And trust and understanding's trysts




You make this heart beat


Only for you


And only to love you




As we are the characters


From legends of love


Separated now but one day


To be together in one another's


Magical sweet, sweet embrace.




Till then I bid you adieu,


Yet still my heart


beats only for you




Surviving on your


Pure Love for now


And forever more...




My one and only


True and Fair dove


The heartbeat of my love...






Memories made in dreams


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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For all my dreams came true,


as I met you and


of the life that followed.




What a wonder it was,


when I saw you first.




When the stars glittered


in broad daylight.




When music was heard


in absolute silence.




When time stood still,


and the image remains


forevermore as an experience


that truly changed my life…




Then the life that followed


amazed me to the core…




As you came into my life


for a few days in the year


but never left my memories.




Waiting a year, an eternity


to see you in the holidays


that were truly our holy days.




As this cycle repeated


over my lifetime and


as it nears twenty years,


since we first met.




I still remember with tears,


our magical memories


and fondness we shared.




For all my dreams came true,


as I met you and


of the life that followed.




Then I left home to be independent


only to be dependent on your sweet love.




You came to me in my darkest hour.


You made me believe in the magic of Valentines.


You showered me happiness in deepest despair.




Your laughter soothes the hurting soul.


Your anger burns up the lies of the devil.


You release me from torment,


to shower me with your sweet love.




For you're love is the reason:


-I believe in love.


-We share happiness forever.


-I aspire for success;


to be together with you my love…




As long as our love lasts,


enchanting the world shall be,


magic will flow through my veins.




Our togetherness will last,


to create happiness in the universe,


to keep all that is good, safe,


to keep the magic of love, forevermore…




Here's to our loving togetherness lasting forevermore.


For you are the one...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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A love that awaits nothing


Is the love that i have for you




A sparkle in your eye


Is all that i long for from you.




A smile and your laughter


Is what draws me to your heart.




You look glowing today,


As you do everyday.




For you are the one


My heart depends on,


To wipe my tears away. 




You are my friend,


When every one leaves me




You love me so sweet,


Without even pausing to breathe.




For you are the one


My heart depends on,


To feel happy and safe.


To have fun in love with you. 




A new age


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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How i long for the days to pass


One after another till


i am with you my sweet love.




How i long for the obstacles


To shatter to pieces,


So none can separate you from me.




When time ceases to move forward,


When miseries cease to exist.


When all are above want and need,


Will then we be together?




Why must our love be so difficult?


Why must our togetherness


Be so impossible.




Only to hug you once


And say I am yours,


As I hope you are mine.




Then the moment will come,


When we shall live,


Forever happily ever after...




To live is to love...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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I love you more than


The wind and the air.


For each breath I take


Is only your love,


That keeps me alive.




I love you more than


The water I drink


As the current of our love


Quenches our yearning thirst


For each other and none other.




I love you more than


The scent of the sweetest rose


For the scent of your heart


Draws me to your sweet hug,


And makes our love complete.




I love you more than


The tastiest gourmet.


For our sweet memories


Are like chocolates of divine

effulgence voracious to consume


Satisfying me to the core...




I love you more than


Soft and glowing silk


For your skin is beyond silk


And it's touch thrills endlessly.




For I need not senses


Nor food, air nor water


But my pure soul can exist


Purely in our love for each other.




It is this love that powers me


To live and uphold righteousness


Time and time again, forevermore


For I only do this,


To be closer to you my love.




You are I in love


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Each breath I inhale


My lungs fill with your essence


So that my blood cells,


Carry not oxygen,


But your divine name.




My body as the covering of my soul,


Continually feels your soul embracing me.




As time passes moment by moment,


I am either with you or in memory of you.




I know not love had I known not you.


I know not patience had I not love you.


I know not enchantment was there not love,


Between this soul that waits for you


And your divine eternal soul that loves me sweetly.




For yours is the love that is present in adversity


For mine is the love that leaps mountains at your presence.


For ours is the love that weaves enchantment


In this universe for now and forevermore...


All that I need...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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In this universe,


In this existence,




All that I have


All that I need


All that I want




Is only you my love,


My one and only love.




As it is only you my love


That I eternally treasure


In this wonderous heart


that beats only for you my love.




Truly I wonder how magical


Our glance  at that moment was


Which be mine love at first sight


That captivates me at every sight


The sight of you To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!


My one and only true love.




Even without you at my side


Yet only Beholding you in my heart


Truly satisfies this soul completely


For the now and the forevermore...


Do you dare to ask…?


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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When you ask me,


how can I say no?


You are the reason,


I took birth on this earth.




For the universe was created


for us to be together and permeate




Your very sigh leads me to worry.


Your very smile makes this heart flutter.


Batting your eyelids thrills me to no end.


Your sweet voice soothes the hurting heart.


Your humorous gestures light up my day.




Your heart beckons


and my heart knows no restraint.


Your presence or absence


and even your memories


make me overflow


with the purest love…




For all that I know


is ony based on my true love for you,


for you and only you


are my one and only love…


Is this a girl or goddess?


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Whose wavy hair flows forlorn


Awaiting and beckoning my gaze.




Whose smile reveals the pearls of happiness


And whose eyes pierce my delicate heart




For hers is truly the sacred art


Of attracting me to her tender heart.




As sparkling and slender


Fierce like the lightning bolt


She descends from the stars


For truly she knows no par.




I love that enchanting darling


That fills my life with hope.




I love you my love, forevermore...


Earth meets Sky


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As the rays from uncountable stars


Meet to form your twinkling image


That knows no par..


 You are daughter of the sky


For I am made of clay


As son of the earth for thy.




Long ago were we meant to be


As the alliance of the sky and the earth was to be


Together as our love deepens with dearth for you and me.


Let us make merry and be full of myrth, you and me


For we truly are to be happy on  this earth, you and me.




Tis only love testing us over eons


as  others are amazed by the power of  love


When they see you and I,


Weave the enchanting course


Of the river of love,


Cutting through tradition and superstition


As rules were meant to be broken


For the river of love to reach the ocean




For us to be together my love,


We need to love each other more my love.


As the days pass since God is only love.


We are bound to be together my love.


Living only for one another my love.


My one and only...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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You are the only one


my heart beats for baby,


my ever so pretty lady.




You are the only one,


that puts the stars in the sky


For your are truly the


lovely glowing moon


that sprinkles soul


in the enchanting sky


calling me to come so soon


to you my intricate lady.




You are the only one,


that I can dream about,


when the world shines high


I only see your sexy mouth


coz you are the pretty lady


as you the one that shines in my heart, pretty baby.




You are the only one,


that invokes a special thought


that gets me high on love sweet love


coz I am a silly boy


that needs a forever love,


my sweet and sexy lady.




And after all of this,


as you so need bliss,


If you can't see this


is  my forever kiss.




Then stay in tune


as the party starts


and my heart will sing


the enchanting tune


of love sweet love


my eternal grace,


Oh you are my only one


my sweet lady…




Here's to true love and true lovers…




When the music dies down...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Everything in creation comes to me


From the ever so enchanting heart of thee.




I pray not to guru nor god


For I am the pea in your pod


That you keep safe with tender love


Like the sacred nest of the dove.




Your love provides me hope


And secures my future sweetly


Like the strongest safest rope


Whilst loving my heart so sweetly




That tears of joy run from my eyes


For fears disappear from my eyes


Leaving me tranquil like the dove


Yet yearning still for your enchanting love.




Never leave me lonely


For you are my only


Twinkling star in the sky


Up above the world so high.


In loneliness


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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My beautiful heart is made beautiful


by your wonderful presence.




My eyes learned to behold beauty


only after seeing your form,


my beautiful princess of wonder.




My mind is filled with magic


and thoughts of true enchantment


as I think of you with me,


one and together forever more.




For this togetherness I pray


and nothing can sway me.


For your companionship I pray


and nothing can deter me.




Be with me my one and only


For you and I are destined to be one.


A poem for my sweetheart!!!


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Your face shines brighter


Than all the stars in the sky


For the soul behind it


Is always in my heart




Your eyes send out lightning bolts


That cast a spell on my heart.




Your feelings are ever so delicate


And soft that i wonder


Can a human being be like this




Your ways are magical and mysterious


As you show your love not in your words


But in your thoughts and manner




Your soul may forever be with mine


And for this i pray to the universe


And god, the power of love.




As i see you i see not you


But my happiness for all that i have


Is you and your memories.




As i see god in all his wonder


Your love made me realise


That god is only love




As i remember the days of old


Where we played together, a hope is there


That we may go on like this forever




As i listen to music


The intricacies and enchantment


Of our love story project from my soul.




As i wonder how you captured my heart


I realise that god created us


To be one and together forever




For you my heart sings


In the hope that your soul


Will come hither




For you i live my life


And earn my daily bread


So that we may be happy together




For you i will fight tradition


Cross the seven seas


And surpass any expectation


In the hope of being together


With you my love.




For you are the one


That gives strength to my heart


And fuel to my soul




For you are the one


That enchants my life


And makes it a lovely fairytale.


As we are one..


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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As we think with different minds,

our hearts are one,

For we feel the same feelings.


I am your everything

As you are my everything.


All my relations are you to me

As I am the relations that care for thee.


Entrusted to us are the angels and stars,

That are our sweet loving children.


I care for thee with all my heart

And i will protect thee with all my strength


For without thee i cease to exist,

For without thee i cease to be...


A simple request...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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You are the sunshine of my life.

You are the wonder that guides me through my universe.

You are the one I play with for happiness.

My wonders are my children.

Be happy with me, life is lovely

because there is love.


Here by children, i mean those who you choose to be your children.


To bring my love near...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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Oh glittering beautiful flower bud

You make me shine with your fun laughter.


Is my hapiness yours

Oh my sacred book of song and thought.


You sway so seductively,

Your fragrance is so passionate.



In the tradition of music

You are the complete blissful heart of the ocean of love.


Oh my deity your divine hue

Continues to keep blessing me

You give light to the way of marriage

You quench my thirst with the nectar of the divine.


You are my godess, you are my wife.

You are the lightning bolt princess that shines in my eyes.


May we be married together forever.

May our love be great forever.












Composed the night after the after life party.




29/7/2012 1:19 am


Composed originally in telugu as below:


Merise andhaala mogga


Meripinche saradhaala navvaa




Naa santhosham nidhe naa


Naa saama vedha geetha sulochana




Nee vuupe vayyaarama


Nee sogase srungaarama




Sa ri ga ma pa dha ni sa




Salla sampurna hrudhaya prema sagarama




Dhevi nee dhivya thejasu


Dheevisthuntu vuntundhi


Kalyana Dhaari ki velugisthuntundhi


Dhaavatha amruthamu tho theerchuthuntundhi




Gandharvini ghaana yogamayi


Naa dhevi naa pathni


Naa kanululoo merise thaaraka rani




Niranthara kalyaanam namami sernam


Shiva sekthi namoo namaha










Listen to your heart...


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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When i love you, you push me away?

When I leave you, you cry for me and want me back?

Is it you that controls yourself?

Or are you under the influence of a higher spirit?

You must fight for your independence.


Be true to your heart and see the miracle of love,

Be true to your heart to be one with me.

Know that my love for you is eternal.

Yet it pains to wait an eternity for you.

Yet still I will wait for you my love


For you are the one I plan my existence for.


For you are the one that wakes me at night,

with pangs in my heart.

For you it is worth this torture of waiting,

till the moment, you my beloved accepts

a happily for ever after with me.


Together now and forever more.

True to love we shall be.

Together now and forever more.


Window to dating


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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An allegory about asking a girl out.


Through the window i see

A cloudy future for me

There is a ray of light

That sparkles ever so bright


Giving me hope that good

Will prevail and the woods

Will once again glisten


With the fragrance of love.


Oh yee should listen

To the flapping of the dove

Like the heart beat of my love.


To go through the window

When the clouds dare not come

To see my love dancing in the willows


For her and i to embrace and become

One forevermore,

Oh to go through the window.






Top of Form




Bottom of Form


Desire in confusion


To my Enchanting LOVE!!!!

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In this confusing jungle



All i want to do is be with you


In eternal happiness



All i want to do is care for you


In eternal love



For i live in want of you


My eternal love
























For love and chosen family......