Sum Choices Law (Philosophy)

Sum Choices Law V3- A New Philosophical Paradigm

If one believes that one’s choices, prayers, wants, wishes or hopes effect the universe, then please attempt to consider Sum Choices Law v3 as an explanation of the universe.

Individuals, humans, animals etc.. have a soul. The soul is the individual and can make choices (agency). These choices not only dictate the future of that individual, but also the future of all other individuals as these choices affect the universe. The universe being the collection of all spheres of existence – this includes minds, dreams, physical matter, parallel dimensions etc

An individual is free to choose any choice at whatever intensity it wants, and this agency is unlimited. A force, on the other hand, is restricted to a domain of control. A force can only express choices related to its domain.

Forces can be either classified as good or evil or even not evil or evil as there is a clear dichotomy between good and evil. Evil is the force that makes people suffer. Any force that does not make people suffer is not Evil and therefore Good.

The summation of the Good forces can be seen to be God. God can make Good choices with whatever intensity. Sum Choices Law v3 believes that all individuals are equal and come from God. All individuals have the same power as God (“From Fullness comes Fullness as only Fullness Can”: Upanishads). This statement from the Upanishad means that each individual and God can make Good choices with whatever intensity.

So, the question arises that if every individual is good and God is good then why is there suffering in the universe. Evil is the causer of all suffering. There is no reason why Evil should exist, but Evil does exist because there is suffering in existence.

But Evil alone is not the reason why there is suffering in the universe. It is because God and God’s subsidiary good forces, as well as individuals, do not care enough to choose to stop unnecessary suffering.

The summation of choices with their respective intensity at the current time is the reason why the universe is the way it is (Sum choices Law V3). This implies that if we want something for long enough, we will get it. This also implies that if we love someone for long enough with sincerity (as love is sincere), the beloved will also love us and be together with us.

We can have unlimited choices or wants with maximum intensity however they should not be conflicting. To end with quotes from Hinduism:

Thath Thvam Asi: That Thou Are

Aham Brahmasmi: I am God

Andharu Samaanam: All are Equal

Which all means everyone has the infinite power of God as we are all individuals with the ability to chose whatever with whatever intensity. The future lies within each of our hands so choose wisely!!!


Evil alone can inflict suffering, however a person is led to believe that another person has inflicted suffering. The result is that the victim seeks to get revenge by not caring about the initial perpetrator. From this revenge more and more revenge is generated. Thus Evil has succeeded in magnifying suffering.

We do not need to get revenge against other individuals but we do not need to be excessively kind to them as that damages our own self-respect.

We can always pray for safety and protection of our family or all individuals etc from harm and suffering and this is preventative rather than revenge seeking.

Infinite Existence of the Soul:

Theorem: A soul once created exists eternally.

Proof: Regardless of that which changes in the universe if a soul can exist at one point then it can exist eternally. This is because if the soul can exist despite the unchanging (permanent) factors of the universe, then it can exist eternally as the permanent factors don’t change.

Consciousness and the Choices of the Soul:

The soul (you) makes choices in the field of consciousness. The (or Your) field of consciousness is influenced by the sum choices of the universe. That means you are influenced by all the choices made by other individuals and forces.

That is why our thoughts in our field of consciousness are not always in our control. Our thoughts are influences by the choices of all individuals and forces.

The Best Choice to Make

Our soul is happiest when it is free to choose. The choice that reflects freedom is difficult to cultivate. The choice of freedom is what you want most at any given point.

One choice that is always correct is to love your chosen family more. Your chosen family consists of your beloved and your chosen children and other people you wish to include in your family.

Love you chosen family more = Aur Pyaar Karo

Aur Pyaar Karo leads to the optimal solution of all of life’s problems.


Society needs science in order to make decisions as science is reproducible. The constants and principles of science are all controlled by the sum of choices of all individuals and forces. Science is not perfectly reproducible, and effects can be detected from data even when no such effect exists (testing multiple comparisons). This is because Evil acts as a chaos agent and creates holes in science in order for humans to suffer.

Mathematics and Logic:

Mathematics and Logic are always true no matter which way the universe is created. Mathematics and Logic are not effected by the choices of individuals or forces, good or evil.

Blame for Suffering (Guilt):

The soul is always pure regardless of past present or future experiences as it is a spark of God. All that is needed is to repent for actions that can cause suffering to others.

All is Good or Evil:

All choices of whatever intensity are good or evil depending on whether they make individuals or good forces suffer. Apart from suffering, sexual abuse is also Evil. Good Choices that the Soul freely chooses cancel Evil Choices and intensity of the choice matters in the cancellation.


In a way, God can be seen as the optimising function that includes the choices from all the universe of individuals and forces. With these choices, God creates the universe every instant of the way.

Don’t Compromise with Evil:

Don’t compromise with Evil. Hope for the best always (and nothing else) have that ideal scenario for your life in your head always. It will happen! However our wants don’t manifest immediately so we need to make decisions at any given time point with wisdom.


Sometimes depression and low mood occurs because Evil is too strong and there is no reason to have low mood-Biological depression

Depression also occurs because our freedom is curtailed as we are not doing/think/feeling what we want, making us too weak to fight Evil-Psychological depression

Simultaneous Equations:

What is best for you, is best for your partner and your children and your family, and society is in general. The optimal solution for you and society is the same in all respects, but we need to overcome Evil to enact such a solution.

Love is a choice:

Love can be defined as a choice. A chooses to love B. As that choice increases in intensity it becomes a feeling. As that feeling of love intensifies infinitely, all Evil is eliminated to the point of temporary non-existence.

Love can also be defined as choosing to Love someone, wanting to be Romantic often, wanting to be together with them and being exclusive to all others, all eternally.

Wrong Choices:

Evil can confuse you to make wrong choices such that you or others suffer as a result of your actions. Beware Evil’s confusion.

Sum Choices Law v4:

Individual vs God

God must love all souls equally as that is the definition of God. Individuals like you and I all other souls are equal to God but each of us can love who we want, i.e. our chosen family (near and far). We can also show kindness especially to those who suffer.